The Jurassic Park Motor Pool is a club for owners and enthusiasts of Jurassic Park™ vehicles. Offering technical advice, special appearances, and of course a strong fan-driven community.

As one of the most significant films of its time, Jurassic Park™ has brought to the world groundbreaking CGI, spectacular story lines, and of course iconic movie vehicles. Those movie vehicles have inspired fans to preserve long discontinued models and to create more of those iconic vehicles first seen in the film, for the enjoyment of community they are a part of.

Our global community of members includes both restored screen used vehicles, screen-accurate replicas, and tribute vehicles. Built by fans, for fans!


Are these real?
Yes, these are real vehicles, but no, they’re only replicas of the screen used vehicles. The only screen used vehicles owned in the group are The Lost World RV, and “Jurassic Park: The Ride” monster truck which was a truck built by Universal Studios to promote their new attraction.

Why hasn’t anyone made a replica of the vehicles from The Lost World?
Actually, someone has done a replica of TLW’s Mercedes using a Hyundai LINK
One of our members has bought an ML320 with the intention of converting it, and another has bought the screen used RV to restore in the near future.

Where are the dinosaurs?
Safely locked up (we hope!) at Jurassic World™, Isla Nublar, and free-roaming on Isla Sorna.

Where are you guys located?
We have no geographical boundaries, but are mainly located in the United States, Canada, and a few select countries in Europe. Check out the interactive map on our members page.

I don’t see members listed in my area, does that mean there are no JP vehicles where I live?
We represent only a tiny fraction of all JP-themed vehicles out there, there is a very good chance there are cool people near you.

Are you guys a Jurassic Park™ car club?
The short answer would be yes, but we are much more than that! We are a community of JP fans whose primary focus is the research and re-creation of the vehicles seen in the movies. Our secondary interest are Jurassic Park props and cosplay.

Is it true you guys only accept Jeep Wranglers and Ford Explorers?
False! We love variety and creativity! Anyone with a JP themed vehicle is invited to join our community, even those without a vehicle, but have solid plans to convert one.

Do I have complete my vehicle prior to joining?
No! We have a workshop group specifically for builders in-progress on their vehicles. The membership application for both in-progress and completed builds can be found on our Join page.

What happened to The Lost World RV?
One of our members, Franck from Switzerland had purchased the RV, and is now gathering a team to restore the vehicle which will be kept in Southern California. If you would like to help out or donate to the project, checkout their GoFundMe page.