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Dr. Gerry Harding:

  • Shirt
    • DSCP Short Sleeved Shirt
    • Two Front Pockets
    • Jurassic Park logo patch
      • Left Sleeve
  • Undershirt
    • White Undershirt
  • Pants
    • Green Pants
  • Hat
    • Rock Point Hat (alternative)
    • Two-Tone
    • Jurassic Park Logo Patch
  • Boots
    • Green Rubber Boots
      • L.L. Bean Wellies
  • Accessories
    • EMT Pouch
      • Flashlight
        • Mini Mag
        • Un-polished Gold
      • Sizzors
        • Must be shortened to fit in pouch
      • Pen
    • Watch
      • Silver
      • Stretch Metal Band
    • Aviators
      • Gold Rimmed
    • Ingen Photo ID Badge

Dr. Gerry Harding
in Jurassic Park

L.L.Bean Wellies
Rubber Boots

EMT Pouch
with Accessories

Mini Mag
Un-polished Gold

Rock Point Hat
with Proper Logo



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