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Robert Muldoon:

  • Hat
    • Austrailian Style Bush Hat
      • No neck strap
      • verticle seam
      • snaps on both sides
      • 2 vent holes
    • Alternative Hat
  • Vest
    • Vintage Redhead Brand
      • Upland game hunting style
      • large front pockets
      • webbing shotgun shell holders
      • "half moon" pockets
        • Half moon vests are less common
      • Costume Dept. Modifications:
        • no rear pockets
        • no zipper on the front
        • no button closure on the torso or pockets
  • Shirt
    • Safari Shirt
      • Stone Color
      • Short sleeved
      • Button up
      • Pleat chest pockets
      • multi-colored buttons (brown and tan shades)
  • Shorts
    • Safari Cargo Shorts
      • Matches shirt color (Stone Color)
      • Above the knee
      • Step box pleat cargo pockets
      • 6 wide 1.5" belt loops evenly spaced
  • Belt
    • 1.5" dark brown "Garrison" belt
      • Embossed outer edge line
        • Single line, not the basketweave pattern
    • brass buckle
      • 2" square single pin center post
  • Socks
    • Kahki Military Knee Socks
  • Boots
    • Russian Army Paratrooper Boots
      • Black/Dark Brown
      • Two Buckle
  • Accessories
    • Holster
      • Parade Holster
        • WWII/Korea/Vietnam US military flap holster
        • Black Leather
        • Brass Snap and Gromet
      • Pistol
        • Colt M1911 .45 Pistol
        • Holstered the entire film, and was never seen in use.
    • Shotgun
      • SPAS-12 Shotgun
        • With metal folding stock
        • black sling
          • with metal clips
        • Air Soft replica
          • made by Tokyo Marui and KTW
          • currently discontinued
    • Nametag
      • Jurassic Park Ingen Photo ID Badge
      • Also worn by Henry Wu, Dennis Nedry, and other park staff

Austrailian Style
Bush Hat

Vent Holes and
Snap Visable

Muldoon wearing
Game Vest

Redhead Brand
Game Vest

Safari Shirt
Stone Colored

Color Matching
Shirt and Shorts

Cargo Shorts
Pockets Visable

Cargo Shorts and Vest
Back View

Dark Brown Belt
with Brass Buckle

Two Buckle
Paratrooper Boots

Kahki Military
Knee Socks

Black Leather
Parade Holster



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