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Zara Young:

  • Blazer
    • Veronica Beard Daytona Double-Breasted Blazer
  • Blouse
    • Joie Senia Polka Dot Blouse
  • Pants
    • Armani 5 Pocket Trousers in Stretch Cotton
  • Shoes
    • Dolce Vita Moss Suede High Heel Sandals
  • Accessories
    • Watch
      • Brown leather band w/ gold watch
    • Necklace
      • Gold Necklace w/ ring-like pendant
    • Bag
      • Brown Leather Tote
    • Phone
      • Samsung Galaxy S6 White

Veronica Beard
Daytona Blazer

Joie Senia
Polka Dot Blouse

Armani 5 Pocket

Dolce Vita
High Heel Sandals

Galaxy S6

Zara holding

Brown Leather
Tote Shown

White Samsung
Galaxy S6

Brown Leather
Watch Shown



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